Setting Intentions for the New Year

To set your intentions for the New Year you can write or draw these and keep them in a journal or post around in your home as a reminder of what you are wanting to create in this New Year.

As part of your reflection and planning for the new year, look at different areas of your life that you want to focus on. Here are some questions to guide you.

  1. Relationship with Myself – How do I care for myself? Do I feel self love, self acceptance and self compassion? What do I need to do to improve my routines and rituals to ensure I nurture myself, focus on my self care and continue to love myself every day? Do I practice gratitude? Am I practicing self compassion?
  2. Relationship with Others – What relationships fulfill, sustain and nurture me? What types of relationships do I want more of? What can I do to improve the relationships I do have? What relationships do I need to let go of? These relationships can be with our parents, siblings, extended family, our children, our spouse or partner, our friendships or our work relationships.
  3. My spiritual growth and development – Am I feeling content in my spiritual growth? Am I devoting time and energy to my spiritual practice? Do I need to connect more with others? What do I want to learn in this area? This could include healing of old wounds, rediscovering your own personal power, expanding your intuitive awareness, and exploring the sphere of personal discovery, going on a retreat or spiritual pilgrimage.
  4. My health and Well being – What do I need to do to feel vitality, energy and content in my body? What do I need to eliminate to feel healthy? What do I need to add to improve my health? This area can include physical and mental health, nutrition, body image and weight issues, chronic conditions, pain issues, reproductive health, beauty, physical fitness, diet and nutrition, exercise, recovery from illness and general healthy lifestyle and well being.
  5. My sense of community and belonging – Do I feel connected to my community? Am I contributing and making a difference in the way I want to change and affect the world? This could mean becoming involved in your local community, volunteering, donating, or forming your own group to meet needs you have identified in your community. Find your tribe.
  6. What do I want to Learn? Are there areas where you lack knowledge, skills or expertise? Do you have an interest or passion that you wish to explore further? What are the options for me in learning this new skill? How will learning this enhance my life and my well being?
  7. My work and career aspirations – What is my purpose? What is my passion? Am I happy in the work that I do? Do I feel that I am on track with my career or business? What areas are lacking or not giving me fulfillment? What type of work or career would bring me the joy I seek but also abundance in all forms? This may involve a course of study, change in job or career, seeking a mentor, applying for a promotion, starting your own business, looking at your work environment and making the changes so you feel more satisfied in this part of your life.
  8. My home and environment – Does my home provide me with a sense of safety, security, and belonging? Do I like my home and feel comfortable in it? Is the environment around my home a place of sanctuary for me? This can mean looking at buying, selling, renting, renovating, redecorating, designing, seeking boarders, lodgers or roommates, homestay opportunities, housesitting, couchsurfing, landscape gardening, decluttering, recycling, giving away or selling items, and making changes for your home and environment to be a place of sanctuary, peace and belonging.
  9. My relationship with money and abundance – What are the thoughts and feelings I have connected to money, supply and abundance? What type of behaviour do I have around money that work for me and that no longer work for me? This can involve looking at income, expenses, doing a budget, paying off debt, starting a savings plan, financial planning, retirement savings, investments, taxation, mindful purchases and looking at resolving any money blocks you may still have.
  10. My creativity, passion and sense of fun and adventure – Am I living my life in a way where I can express myself creatively and retain my sense of joy, fun and adventure? What are my passions? What do I like to do? How can I find time and space to do more of this and bring more joy into my life? This can involve travel, sports, recreation, retreat, singing, dancing, painting, drawing, playing a musical instrument, arts and crafts, healing, writing, photography, building, inventing and sculpting and anything else you can think of.


You may choose to this as a yearly exercise to review and reflect on the past year and plan for the new year. Or you may choose to focus on these areas and to devote time, effort and energy to working on these goals, either daily, weekly or monthly to stay on track and see these intentions turn into the reality that you have always desired.

Don’t be afraid to seek out support and assistance to guide you along your journey. Depending on what parts of your life you want to change and improve, help is always at hand. It could be a counsellor, coach or spiritual teacher and mentor to help you with your relationship with yourself, others or your spiritual growth and development.

You may seek assistance with your work, career, learning a new skill or developing your business. It could be starting a new healthy wellbeing practice, getting assistance with managing your finances or help with improving your home and environment. You may choose to contribute and volunteer in your community and help others.

When you see things from a positive outlook and focus on the abundance that you can create with others, you can feel in tune with your purpose and your passions in life. You approach the beginnings of the new year, with renewed energy, enthusiasm and inspiration and look forward to the journey ahead.

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